Bow Wow Bed & Breakfast

"The most Unique Kennel you'll ever visit!"

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BOW WOW BED & BREAKFAST built and established in November 1998 by present owner, Christy Booker.

Christy in 1998 as Founder

Christy in 2018 twenty years in business!

~CHRISTY BOOKER, Owner & Manager~
Things about her: Practiced as a registered nurse before opening the boarding kennel business so she could be a"stay at home Mom". Very active in her church and music ministry. Has a passion for serving the community and has a special love for caring for other people's most beloved treasures and companions- their pets! Committed to making Bow Wow the most unique, caring, healthy and friendly place to come!

(words from Christy)
The business started out as a small boarding home-based business just 100 feet behind my house. The original building was only 468 square feet and contained 10 indoor/outdoor boarding runs. I ran the business by myself until my twin pregnancy came. In March 2002, I hired my first employee to help with the business. That person was also a professional groomer and thus began the grooming department! Steady and sure the business kept growing and customers increased mostly by word of mouth from friends and local vets. Very little outside advertising was needed. We were excited to serve the community and it seemed the community was excited to find us! Soon after 2 years from the time grooming was added to the business, we decided to add onto the existing building. In the summer of 2004, Bow Wow Bed & Breakfast had 3 employees and all were helping with the boarding and grooming depatments. That summer we added on 864 square feet to the building. This gave us a new comfortable grooming area, a new office area and added 15 new kennel runs to the boarding area. Over the years Bow Wow has seen cherished and loved employees move on to other adventures in life and have welcomed new ones to take their places. In 2018 we will be celebrating twenty years of service to the community!! How blessed we are to continue serving our community friends and furry feet friends in the future! If you haven't given us a visit yet, please come see us soon!

  Meet some of the employees
working here at Bow Wow!


JEN GIRTON- Professional Groomer & Kennel Caretaker
Jen is a great pet handler and loves her job. She has been grooming at Bow Wow for her whole grooming carreer since 2004. She's full of spunk and personality! Skilled professionally to groom all breeds. Very patient and kind to the animals.  


RHONDA LEWIS-  Kennel Caretaker & Bather
Rhonda brought years of professional animal care experience to Bow Wow in 2016! In the past she  has worked for vets, humane shelters, nature rehab, rescue organizations and even Canine police kennels! Her special love for elderly and aging dogs is evident when caring for our boarders. She also enjoys being our main "Play romp" attendant in our grassed backyard. 


SKYLAR SOWDERS- Kennel Caretaker

Working for Bow Wow since summer of 2017. Quite a smart cookie! Presently working on obtaining her College education in Cosmetology. Very professional and considerate handling customers and the dogs. Always willing to lend a hand and work hard to keep dogs happy and well cared for.